Okay... I'm Soracha...

I'm quite shy and probably should keep my mouth shut even more than I do already.

I've been a Sherlockian since I was four years old when my mom read me "A Study in Scarlet". I bought the collected works when I was five and have never looked back. However, I post a lot of different stuff depending on my mood...

I'm technically a trained designer but on here I just tend to blow off steam. So my stuff might not be great sorry.

I'm kinda one of those people who, despite not saying much, might say something accidentally that'll piss you off. So if I say something that pisses you off just ignore me, I'll proabably go away.

Things I like:
-Sherlock Holmes/ Sherlock/ Anything related
-Action movies (usually clever ones but these days I seem to be getting less fussy)
-Harry Potter
-Cabin Pressure and John Finnemore generally
-Charlie Brooker
-Fun British panel games (WILTY, QI, etc)
-Stephen Fry
-English or Irish or Scotish or Welsh Sit-coms (Esspecially from either the 1970s or 1990s)


'Cause it's Christmas break and I'm bored (without a wall to shoot at) and excited about the second series of Sherlock I created a deck of playing cards with the face cards as the members of the Sherlock cast… these are the spades and clubs set because I can't put the whole shooting match in one post. The hearts and diamonds are here

My theory behind the ”positions” of the face cards are as follows based on fortune telling with standard cards:

-King of Spades is described as authoritarian, cold, logical, stubborn, possibly ruthless… hence Sherlock
-Queen of Spades is described as calculating, disciplined, logical, craves power… which pretty much describes the Irene of the commercials
-Jack of Spades is described as immature, cold, bossy, delinquent or gang leader… this was the hardest fit but he is very bossy and by stepping on the sheet he proves he is immature (despite appearances)

-King of Clubs is described as having good instincts which juding by the bust scene in a Study in Pink is true of Lestrade
-Queen of Clubs is described as ambitious, good head for business, self interests come first… Donovan was essentially leading the press conference and her affair with Anderson and dislike of Sherlock proves she is very self interested
-Jack of Clubs is described as sporty, non-academic, lucky and charming… um yeah I’ll leave Dimmock at that

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